Friday, March 18, 2011

Yes, more on sorting...

Tomorrow is our 3rd competition of the year.

Last month I was running too fast and out thinking Summer instead of letting her do what her capabilities are. In other words, I have to slow down.

That being said, JB said I could use Nasty if I wanted too, if the other guy that was supposed to ride her (he is interested in buying her) doesn't show up. However, Nasty thinks faster than me. I wish I could have had more riding time on her. Hell, I wish I had the $$ to buy her. My heart tells me to just try to borrow the money from my parents but my brain says no. "But this little mare would benefit being owned by me. All she does is work. No relaxing trail rides and such. And with me, she would get that." And here I go again, talking myself into talking to my dad. "No Tammy!!!! If you have to borrow to buy a toy, then you don't need the toy." "But I feel sorry for her, all she does is work, no play time." "No Tammy." Man, there I go again, talking to myself. David said that maybe by the time I have my $$ saved to buy a finished cow horse, that maybe she will be back a JB's again. This is the second time she has been at his place. You never know.

Anyway, I will slow down a bit tomorrow. Let Summer think for a second and then do our best to get the job done.

As for Summer, she has really packed on the pounds this past month. I have lost 23lbs and she has probably gained 50. I have cut her off Beet Pulp hoping that will help a bit. I can't imagine that BP is what is causing this weight gain. Another theory is that over the winter, she burned the hay calories to keep warm and that kept her looking good, now she doesn't have to burn calories by shivering, so I am gonna have to work her more ofter and a bit harder. Like I did last night.

Anywoot. Everyone have a blessed and fun weekend in whatever activity you decide to do.

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