Friday, March 4, 2011

Something I haven't done in 18 years, I did last night.

I rode my mare bare back. I know it doesn't sound like a big event to some, but it was to me.

When it comes to horses, fear is not an option. Except for riding bare back.

In the summer of 1993, I was riding my Arab gelding, Fawtal, BB. Well, I wasn't exactly BB, I had a little Navajo blanket on him. Silly me. The blanket started to shift a bit and I went to straighten while I was on him. He was very leg sensitive and when I squeezed with my legs to raise myself up and adjust the blanket, he thought I asked him to move out at a trot to the right. Well, when he moved right, I went left.

After a concussion, broken left shoulder and unconscious for 24 hours, I decided to saddle my horse from there on out. Thank God I was at our boarding stables and one boarder had a cell phone. Remember, 18 years ago, you had have money to have a cell phone. Thank God he had money. LOL

I am just around the corner from a 20lb weight loss (with 40 more to go) and last night, while working my mare in the round pen, I just decided to ride BB, and it felt natural and comfortable. Just a halter, lead rope and a trusty mount. But loosing some of that extra weight I have been carrying for so long, felt good. I didn't feel like a wibble wobble on her back.

My barn owner was there and giving instructions. "Heels down, toes forward, use your thighs to hold on, etc..." After 3 whole laps in the round pen, my thighs were on FIRE! LOL But I think it is something I am going to do every chance I get. It will really build those thigh muscles and help burn calories.

Just thought I'd share...
Thanks for reading.

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txtrigger said...

Way to go on the BB and weight loss. :-)

As a kid I rode bareback everywhere, all day long. Did everything bareback. Trails, jumping. And Bareback equitation at horses shows was my best class. lol

Have never got on Hank BB, and not sure I ever will. He is prone to do odd things if he gets concerned about something. Hope on Rockhe once a year or so. He is like a couch! Funny how I could ride a high withered horse for hours, and riding the Equine sofa BB for a few min. hurts. lol