Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun filled horsey weekend...

What a nice weekend it was.

Saturday was my clinic at JB's place. It was such a nice day. A little windy, but no complaints. I rode Summer my first 3 goes and she was panting like crazy as she has put on some weight. (got to get that belly off of her) James noticed and said, "she's hot Tammy". I know, but she'll be fine. Then he asked if I wanted to ride a horse that he was selling for someone. She is a little black and white paint with the barn name of Nasty. So I said sure. All I can say it was all I could do to keep her in check and keep up with her. She is fast and all about the job. I sure would like to have her as I need a finished horse for this sport. Summer is good, but I need great to advance in this sport. And Nasty is great. I ran her 3 times and on my last run of the day decided to use Summer. The guy I ran with asked, "you gonna ride Summer?" I was like, "if you want me to ride Nasty I will." He was like, "Oh, I was just asking, you ride who you want." He wasn't snarky about it, just asking. Well, this guy is always winning money and he is pretty good. I mean, we all have things to improve upon, but he is good. But I swear it was like Summer understood him. She was on! It was beautiful. We did a very nice, fluid run. He even complemented Summer when we were done. And James had nothing to critique us on. Next Saturday is Southwest, let's hope she is "on" then too.

After I got back to my barn, I saddled up Harper and lunged her in the round pen. She did something she hadn't done before and she did it twice. She humped that back up and went to bucking. From whet I observed on the ground, it wasn't anything I couldn't sit, but now I know what her bucks look like. Once I got done lunging her, I hopped on and worked on her collection and then we just did one loop around the barn yard. She was real good for me.

Sunday was more sorting, but this time I took Harper to the arena. She wasn't too keen on that, but she didn't try to kill me either. I didn't take Summer and there was no Amira to act like a secruity blanket. Barb came up for a few minutes and gave me some advice on what to do when she starts moving around in the waiting line and such. Robin came up to me and asked if I had a ride open and I am like, "of course, I'm on little greeny, nobodies gonna want to ride with me today." LOL

So Robin and I go in and man, Harper was all about chasing those cows. She had absolutely no reservations about going into the herd and sorting her cow. My only problem was she wouldn't stop. She totally sucks at the hole. She wanted to continue chasing. So needless to say, Harper and I showed everyone watching how not to sort. LOL But Robin was cool with it, that's why it's called practice.

The next run I asked James to run with me and I would pay for his run. And Harper did it again. Harper's thoughts: "Chase the cows, but I ain't working no stupid hole, I want to chase cows!" James told me when we were done that I needed to work on her stop. Roy and Barb both said the same thing about what James meant, so we will be working on that this week. As well as with Summer.

My final run, I asked this girl named Courtney if she had any open runs, and she was sweet enough to say yes. I told her I was on a greeny that loved the chase but didn't have a clue about the hole. So she worked the gate and I did all the sorting. We got 4 head. I was very proud of Harper. That little mare has potential. Just not sure if I'm the one that can get it all from her. But I sure want to try.

I have to say though, after our first run with Robin, she really settled down. I mean, she was quiet after our first run. She stood quietly while we were in line and everything. No fidgeting and such like before the run. It was like something in her brain just clicked on and she was a good girl. She still gave "ugly ears" to everyone that got too close, but she is a mare.

I do have to work on her trailer skills. She sits on the butt chain and door when she is fixing to be let out and she about runs you over coming out. Gotta call Toni on that one.

When we got back to the barn it was still pretty early. So I tacked up Summer and went for a lovely, quiet ride in the pasture. She was very good today. Maybe a bit jealous that I am paying attention to other horses? Who knows. But she was good for my last run the day before after I rode Nasty a few times, then she was good and no spooks after she saw me come home from riding Harper. Or maybe she is just liking the break I am giving her.

After Summer and I came back in, Barb brought me Woody. He is half pony and half Arabian. Amish broke driving horse of her's. She wants me to ride him cause June is wanting to use him as a riding horse. It has been about 6 years since he's had a saddle on. But he was very good for me. I only rode about 10 minutes as it was getting late and I only wanted to see what he would do. I think he will be just fine. But I will ride him a bit more so June will be comfortable getting on him.

I also have my farrier wanting to me ride his horse, Ebby. She is a stock type, almost black bay mare. Lots of fire in her, but she is a sweet mare. He said she is good and has sorted before and loves to work cow and I was more than welcome to take her to the arena any time I wanted. So last night after I worked Harper, I put Ebby in the round pen and just watched her. She ran and bucked and farted and wouldn't stop until I came back to the fence. I will ride her a bit at the barn and get comfortable on her before I do any work with her. He said she is a good girl, but she has been his horse for 10 years, so will she be good for a perfect stranger? I may wear both of my helmets for this one. LOL

It was a great weekend and I feel very honored that all these folks are trusting me with their animals.

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