Monday, May 9, 2011

Awesome 3 day weekend...of course it, was full of horses!

I took off work Friday to get Shelby's pen ready for her to come home on Saturday. Well, I decided to give the new pen to Summer as it is much larger than her old pen and she would be right next to her BFF Amira. Summer's new pen has a huge oak tree in it for plenty of shade. I was also happy I made this decision as there are all kinds of wild flowers and small weeds in Summer's new pen and none in her old one as Shelby poops everywhere! Summer is a lady and only poops in 2 places making clean up a breeze for me. If Shelby had been in that pen, it would have been hard to clean up in the middle of the weeds and flowers. Anywho...

I got a bunch of work done and that evening went to JB's and rode Shelby for a bit.

Saturday morning, I went to my barn and got all my Saturday morning chores done. Clean pens and automatic waterers. I think Summer is liking her new pen as she can really run, buck and fart in it. Just still need to get the rest of that old round bale out of her stall so she will have more room.

Around 11am, I loaded Summer up and we headed to JB's to pick up Shelby. When I was half way there, my truck started missing. : ( While there, James came over and talked to me a bit. I gave him a thank you card as he has been so patient and kind to me.

That being said, let me tell you a quick story on the card I gave him. If I can find it online, I'll post a pic of it. **found it, see above pic** In August of 1991, is when my beloved Fawtal came into our lives. The folks I bought him from were so sweet. I even remember their names, Paula and Dan. Due to having to wait on my vet of choice to come out for a vet check, Paula and Dan did a barbaque and gave us brand new swim suits for some fun time in their pool. We did this for 4 hours while we waited on the vet to arrive. It was awesome. Anyway, the card I got them was a little black and white paint foal with a red indian blanket in it's mouth. In the card it says, "Thank you for the red carpet treatment'. The card is produced by Leaning Tree. Now back to James. A few months ago, I found this card again. I had to buy it for sentimental reasons. About a week ago I knew I wanted to get James a card for all his kindness to me. I remembered having that card in my possession and I knew I must use this same card again almost 20 years later for the same reason, a horse. After he read it, I told him the story of Fawtal. I think that meant a lot to him. And it was even cooler that I got a black and white paint from him. Okay, back to my other story...

I got Shelby ready with her helmet and pointed her to the trailer. She saw Summer and hopped right in.

When I got her home, mom and dad came out to meet the new grand-horse as my mom calls all of them. They really liked her. And yes, they gave Summer as much of attention as they did Shelby. While there, I gave mom her mother's day gift and card. She didn't think I was coming over on mother's day. (grin) But I was....

That evening I had a little lesson with her at JB's. So I had to load her and Summer back up to go over there. I had a thought though. What if I just took her? Would she load without Summer now since she has hopped right in with Summer being in there. So I put her helmet on and pointed her to the open door and she hopped right in. However, I did have a fleeting thought, should I take Summer just in case she decides not to get back in at James' since that is her "home". Naw, we'll be fine. (rolling eyes) hehe

Well, I got there and did a nice quiet ride in his pasture. Robin got there and she and James saddled up and we headed for the arena. I had told him that morning that I wanted him to ride her so I could see how he pushes her buttons and makes her do what I know she is capable of. He did and it was AWESOME! I wish I had videoed it. I had stated on my FB that it was like watching Dale Earnhardt Jr. drive his car, but when I got on her it was like watching Fred Flintstone drive Dale's car. LOL But we did have a good lesson. We just worked on heading cows and that was really fun. It was even more fun when I could feel her cut a cow without me even touching her reins. It was just the neatest feeling.

Well, back to the trailer loading when it was time to go home. Let's just say, I wish I had listen to that fleeting feeling of bringing Summer. Shelby WAS home and it WAS dinner time. "I ain't getting in that blasted trailer." Well, I am glad I bought her a helmet. She did pop her head on the roof, but no damage to her. After a few minutes, James came over and in about 5 minutes we had her in. I have a lot of work, but I honestly see a light at the end of the tunnel. Because she has showed me that she will get in without Summer. Silly horse shouldn't have showed me that! LOL

Sunday came and I went to the barn. I put Shelby out in our turnout for the first time and she had a ball. Not much grass in there so I wasn 't worried about her gorging. After I got those chores done, I was happily surprised when Shelby came straight to me so I could halter her and put her back in her pen.

I left the barn and headed to mom's house with a big bouqet of flowers. She teared up a little as she didn't expect me to come over. have to see your mom on mother's day if you can. I stayed there for a bit then headed back to the barn to wait on Tracey to arrive as we were to go to sorting practice.

When I got back I visited with June while waiting on Tracey to arrive. Amanda showed up to the barn unexpected to give me my mothers day gifts. Or should I say more mothers day gifts, as she had already surprised me with some beautiful hay the day before. It was very sweet of her. I have the best daughter! Or at least in my opinion! :o)

Tracey arrived at about 1pm. She loaded her saddle and such and then loaded Amira. Well, when Shelby stepped half way into the trailer, she sniffed Amira's back before finishing loaded. Amira let out a huge bellowing scream and lifted her tail and peed everywhere. She is in high heat. It scared the snot out of Shelby and she flew out of the trailer. I then went in and spanked Amira's butt. Yes, I said spanked. Opened, flat handed her but about 5 or 6 times and yelled at her. But she wouldn't stop peeing and squeeling. So Tracey got her out and decided to take her own trailer. But Amira was still being a turd. She blew out of Tracey's trailer and smacked her head on the roof and took off, lead rope trailing behind. Well, the lead rope would be the reason she didn't go sorting. It wrapped around her legs and tripped her. She tried several times getting up but couldn't. June was the one that got to her first and Amira got up. She had several marks on her, some blood and already some swelling. No sorting for her. Tracey was very upset and I didn't blame her. But, Amira will be fine, she will just be sore for a few days. Silly, extreme hormonal mare.

Well, Summer had to go anyway. But was a trooper about it. Sorting went well for me. I ran with Robin twice, Trevor once and Toni P. once. Robin and I got 8 and Trevor and I got 8. Robin and I's second run (James was there by this time) could have been better but we did learn what our mistakes were from James. Toni was only really concerned with how her horse was going to behave and she was very happy with his performance. I was not happy with mine, but that is okay. I rode with her to help her boy's confidence. I don't mind helping someone now that I have a horse that is push button as I remember when I needed help and there were folks there to help me when I first started. Pay it forward!

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