Wednesday, May 25, 2011 suck...

Well, I guess most everyone has heard about the EHV-1 scare going on right now. Yes, it sucks.

Our barn owner, Barb, has put a movement restriction on the facility. No new horses on and no one is to leave unless you don't want to bring your horse back until she lifts the restriction. But I wasn't going to move my horses for at least 2 weeks anyway. So no biggy for me there. I am just glad she made it a rule as what if someone else left then brought it back. My caution would be for not then.

I missed my sorting clinic, but the weather actually fixed that for us anyway. It rained real good last Friday and JB's arena was too wet and Roy already had an event at his so we couldn't use it anyway. So the clinic was canceled.

I just hung around the barn all weekend. Did some much needed chores and played with my girls and my mini man.

This weekend the SWTPA show will go on, but with one change. They will not have water tanks for you to water your horses. Which I don't do anyway. I always bring my own water and buckets. If Barb lifts the movement restrictions, I will take Shelby and keep her on my trailer away from other horses. If she doesn't life the restrictions, I will just go and volunteer my time.

That's about it for news I guess. TTFN!

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