Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shelby coming home...

Well, little Miss Shelby will be coming home Saturday morning.

Yes, I am excited. I took Summer and my rig over to JB's last night. I put Shelby's helmet on, opened the door and asked her to get in. She stiffed Summer's rump and hopped in. And this time, there wasn't anything in her hay manger. I wanted to see if she would try to bolt out because of this and she just stood there. I was very proud of her. So I locked her in and then fed them both some alfalfa. But this night was going to be a little different. She was going for her first ride in her little sardine can. I drove to Rendon Arena as it is only about a mile from JB's place. I rolled both my windows down so I could hear if she took a stubble or anything while driving there because there are a lot of turns to get there. But all was quiet. Once there, I stopped in the parking lot and checked on her. She seemed fine. When we got back to JB's, I unhooked her trailer tie and butt chain and asked her to get out. She stepped out so quietly. I was very proud of her.

Once I get her home and she gets comfortable there, I will start removing Summer from the equation on the trailer training. It will be gradual and I think with in a month's time, she will be hauling by herself with no problems. I have faith in her and myself that this will happen.

I am taking off Friday to finish cleaning out that bad round bale out of her pen and to go buy some more hay.

I can't wait to bring her home!

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