Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sorting practice

Loaded up Summer and headed to JB's to pick up Shelby.

Everyone was already gone to the arena as I was running a bit late due to helping David fix my car.

I pointed Shelby to the open trailer door, she sniffed Summer's rump and hopped in. She thinks that Summer is her bestie now. LOL As long as she shows submission to Summer, all she be okay.

Got the arena and unloaded both girls. Tracey showed up and I told her she could ride Summer around and just dink around if she wanted.

I sorted 4 times and they weren't bad. I bent Shelby in half one time and caused a trash cow to get thru. I messed up on a few things but did a few things exactly like JB has been teaching me.

But all in all, I thought we did okay. Shelby and I are still learning each other and how each other works. I am still learning this game and will be for a long time. Shelby on the other hand has been playing this game a long time and I sure is just wishing I would catch up with her. LOL

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