Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trailers and Horses and Cows OH MY!

Back to more trailer work for Shelby. She is such a little toot.

Friday night, I got to the barn, opened my trailer all up, put her helmet on, pointed her to the empty trailer and said, "Load up." and she loaded up. She stood in there for a few seconds and I asked her back out before she decided on her own to back out. Lesson complete.

I saddled her up, walked her to the round pen with a mounting block and we were going to work on her standing still while I mounted. After the fifth time, she stood while I got on and waited for my cue to move. Lesson complete.

I then practiced opening gates while mounted so that we could exit the round pen. She kept turning on the forehand away from the latch. That too took about 5 times. When I unlatched it, I continued to play with the latch while she stood quietly. Lesson complete.

Once out of the round pen, we walked over to another boarder and talked with him while we practiced standing quietly. Every time she started moving, I started working her. Side pass both ways, backup and step forward. All this while I continued to talk to the other boarder. After a couple of minutes of work, she would stand. When she moved, I made her work. She caught on after a bit. Lesson complete.

Then Tracey and I headed out to the trails. We only rode out there for about 15 minutes and she was very good. She didn't want to put her feet in the pond. She was resistant but not dangerous. So Tracey had Amira put her feet in. When Shelby saw this, she finally stepped in. When she realized it was water and not going to kill her, she bent down and took a long drink. I was very proud of her.

Saturday was horse day and horse shopping day. Well, not horse shopping per say, but horse tack shopping. I got all my barn chores done. And when Tracey got to the barn, we put the girls out and headed to Weatherford for some Teskeys and Horseman's Supply! Shelby got her very own, brand new, purple halter. No more hand-me-downs when we leave the property

When we got back, it was more trailer training for Shelby. Well, today she decided to load up quick and unload herself quick. So after the 4th time, I got Tracey to stand behind the trailer door and as soon as Shelby went in, we shut the door and then it became a short pushing match game. Thankfully, Tracey and I won. Shelby leaned on the door a few times but finally realized she was in until I opened it. After she quit pushing, I slowly opened the door and asked her to come out. We were done for the day.

Tracey and I then saddled up Summer and Amira and headed out to the pasture for some relaxing riding. It was a great end to a very nice day.

Sunday was sorting day. Got to the barn and gave Shelby a bath, got chores done, got lunch ate, got girls loaded and off we went at about 1:45pm. We (me and my girls and Tracey and Amira) got to the arena and had a fun time. Shelby and I rode with Courtney, Robin, Tracey and James. I ran with Robin and Tracey a couple of times.

Well, James' first 3 runs of the day were with Pete, Courtney and Robin. All of whom got all 10 head, in order in less than a minute. Well, James came up to me and asked if I wanted to run. Of course! But there was pressure. He was 3 for 3 and I didn't want to screw that up. When it was time for us to go in, I handed Tracey my phone to hold for me. She asked if I wanted her to video it and I said no. (Stupid me!) I figured it would jinx the run. Well, we got all 10, in order, in 51 seconds! It was awesome! I have gotten all 10 head before at his place at various lessons, but we are going for quality then quantity and then speed. So I know they were all over a minute, but good, clean runs. So I was pretty pumped with this timed ride. Now mind you, James is good. Very good. So yes, he can make us look good as well cause he is coaching us while we are running. But it did validate my purchasing this lovely little mare and that it was right thing for me if this is going to be my sport of choice. As if I wasn't already sure! :0)

Anyway, Tracey and Amira did real good this day as well. Tracey has signed up for a cow clinic that our friend Toni Perez is holding and she can't wait.

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