Friday, November 9, 2007

Honest folks and my cell phone...

I thought this story too cool and strange, not to share.

On the weekend of October 6-7 of this year, Summer and I rode safety at the NATRC Decatur Benefit ride at the LBJ Grasslands in Decatur, TX. Decatur is about a 1 hour and 45 minutes drive for me when I am pulling a trailer.

On this weekend, I lost my cell phone at the Grasslands. BTW, if I am not mistaken, the LBJ Grasslands is 20,000 acres. We were riding the orange trail which is a 25 mile loop. (granted we only did 18.5miles of this loop, but I didn't know which part). We were about 10 miles into the ride and I notice that my cell phone is gone from it's holster. "SHOOT!" Yes, I am discouraged but not mad, what is there to get mad about? That won't bring it back.

When we get back to camp, my friend Tracey helped me search around our camp site, JUST IN CASE, it fell out there. She even called it with her cell phone, nope, no where to be found.

Long story short on my "not so new" phone, I end up using David's old phone. It is not pretty, and is really scratched up, but hey, it works good. I couldn't afford to buy a new phone, I was not eligible to upgrade for another 10 months, and a new SIMS card is $25.00. However on the SIMS card, a very nice young man at Hawk Electronics gave me one and no charge. I thought that was too kind of him. (I needed the card to make my hubby's old phone work)

Anyway, I receive a voice mail yesterday. I check it. This lady says her name is Brenda and she found my phone! She took it to a cell phone store, the sales person says the phone is it good working order but just needs the battery charged. He gives her my name and the cell number assigned to this phone. (even though I had the SIMS card deactivated, my number is still in the phones memory)

I call her back yesterday afternoon, she tells me that she and her husband went camping at the Grasslands and they found my phone. I couldn't believe it! That phone has been gone for a month! Anyway, she asks how I would like to get it back. (Her area code is the same as mine, but that could be a 100 mile radius) I tell her I could send her the postage to mail it back to me. She says that sounds great. Out of curiosity, I ask her where she lives, she tells me, OM Gosh! I then told her were I live, which is only a 15 minute drive! She was as shocked as I was! I drove over last night and picked up my long lost phone! It truly is a small world! And there are truly honest folks still left in it.

I plan on going to Tractor Supply Co. today and getting them a gift card and mailing it to their house with a thank you card.

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Tracey said...

Too cool that you got it back...and too weird how close the people that found it live.

God does work in some mysterious ways now doesn't he?