Monday, November 12, 2007

Summer is competing with a catch rider...

Well, my stomach is in knots again. The girl I asked to catch ride Summer for the Christmas ride confirmed with me this weekend that she would do it.

I can't believe this is making me nervous. Of course, she is nervous too. I have never let anybody just take my horse off and ride it and she has never competed on another horse but her own.

Adriane is a good rider. In the rides she has competed in, she has placed well. There are just all these little details I have to tell her about Summer. Nothing dangerous, but Summer is a horse and they all have their quirks. Summer doesn't like dead trees or piles of dead trees. However, if asked to step over a tree, no problems. She is a weird girl. If with a group of horses, she doesn't like to be in front or in rear. She likes the middle. But if the lead horse is walking too slow, Summer will pass and leave them. So, she doesn't mind being alone. Did I say she was weird? When she gets in water, she likes to snorkle. I do mean she puts her face in the water all the way up to her eyeballs. I swear she was born with gills.

Anyway, for those of you that read this thing, this won't be the last you hear of this ride. I am going to be as nervous as a cat in a cage and will be posting on here more. Why? Cause I know my friends will get tired of hearing me talk about it and at least on here, I can type it out and get it off my chest.


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