Monday, November 26, 2007

What a good holiday weekend...

What a good four day weekend! My hubby and our daughter spent Thanksgiving with my parents. It was very nice. I made a big ol' 20 lb turkey and homemade yams. My dad made his famous stuffing and my mom made my great-grandmother's chocolate marange(sp?) pie. It was a wonderful day. Especially when it started snowing.

Friday Tracey and I went riding at the Six-0 ranch and had a great ride. It was cold but we rode on. Saw some doe and Summer was startled by a buck jumping in the woods. I did the big hill that folks are always talking about. Tracey took me down it at the beginning of the ride, then after about 11 miles of mostly fast riding, she took me up it. It was a little scary. Summer's front right hoof it a rock that rolled out from under her and she stumbled. That was what scared me. But she did it even being a little tired. So I have no real worries with Adriane riding her this weekend. If Summer can go up with me on her back, I know she can do it with Adriane.

Saturday, Liz and I met Alanna out at the Six-0 and decorated the big barn for the Christmas ride. It turned out wonderful! I think the competitors will have a good time. It is supposed to be cold and maybe some rain, but that is what you put up with sometimes. So for the most part, you have to "cowboy up" and get the job done.

The saturday night, my truck decides it isn't going to start ever again. David and I went to the parts store and bought an idil(sp?) control thingy, that cost me an unexpected $60 but I thank God every day I am married to a mechanic, so no labor fees. (I did make him a good dinner that night) Poor guy had to fix it in the rain. Luckily it only took him about 10 minutes and I held the umbrella over his back.

Sunday, I go in the morning to feed my kids (horses) and my truck starts running like crap and the check engine light comes on. Crap!!!! I call David again, he isn't happy, but what are you gonna do? I take it home and he runs the computer on it. It is cylinder #4 (I think). He buys the part this time (another $60), but he fixes it again. This time it is only cold, not rainy.

Later that night, he and Amanda goes grocery shopping and I go feed the kids. I get home before them and work on more of my NATRC duties. They get home and unload the groceries from the truck and I am putting them up. (A couple of days prior, I told him I wish I had a propane tent heater because it is going to be cold this coming weekend). Well, as I am putting the groceries away, he sets a bag in front of me and says, "this should keep you warm". It was some small propane canisters. I was thinking, "How?" Then I thought, "he must have gotten me a heater!" Then he set the heater in front of me! God I love that man of mine!

I know I am a red neck woman when I prefer gifts like that from him than flowers that die, candy that will make my tush bigger or jewelry I never wear anyway. One year I got the shot gun I had been wanting. Got it for Christmas from him. I think he likes the things I want, cause he can use them himself if he wants. He would look funny in a tennis bracelet! haha

OK, done now, bye-bye

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