Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's getting close.....

It is almost here. The first NATRC ride of 2008 in Region 4. Being ride secretary is tiring, but I can't say it's thankless. Alanna and Liz are always thanking me for doing this. And the smiles on the competitors faces is wonderful. This last week has been nothing but hectic! Whew, I love to see the Christmas ride coming but don't cry when it's over! (smile)

The closer it gets to more those hornets buzz in my stomach. I know Adriane is going to do fine with Summer. I even had one of the more seasoned competitors tell me that Adriane was in for a treat riding Summer and that she thought Adriane was a very smart girl. This rider, named PH (we'll call her), has been the only other person I ever let take Summer out riding without me being there. She is an accomplished horsewoman and anyone can trust her with their mounts. And I know Tracey will be their for her on the trail if she has questions or doubts. I guess I am a concerned momma, and I want Adriane to have fun. That girl is driving all the way from Lawton Oklahoma for this and I don't want her to think this is a job. Just do the best she can, have fun, and it will all work out in the end. Maybe it's not nerves after all, maybe it is excitement. I am excited that Summer is getting to compete in this ride and I am blessed to have a person who knows how to handle a gaited horse riding her for me.

Gotta go for now, TTYL

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