Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Well, here it is again. I will get up tomorrow, like I do every Thanksgiving, and start the turkey. No matter where we have our holiday meal, I am in charge of the turkey. But that's okay, I really don't mind.

We are going to my parent's house tomorrow and I think it will be nice. My father just retired and this will be his first Thanksgiving at home in quite awhile. I figured I would take a couple of movies and when it's time to feed the horses tomorrow evening, we could all go as a family. My parents have never met my horses. I know, weird huh?

Growing up, I always wanted a horse. My entire family is horse free. So my parents always wondered where I got this obsession from. And of course, they always said no. So I told them, when I get married, I will have a horse. Fawtal was my 3 year anniversary gift from David. And I have had horses ever since. When we moved back to TX from CA, (David was in the Army), my parents tried to talk me into getting rid of Fawtal, he's expensive was their arguement. My arguement was, (FYI, they both smoked) let's see how much you spend on cigarettes compaired to my expense on Fawtal. When I did it, they never said another word.

Anyway, back on subject, I will take them out there to see all the horses and ponies. I think my dad will enjoy it. He never owned horses but he is a country boy at heart. Now if I could just get him on Summer, that would be a Kodak moment for me.

Friday (day after Thanksgiving) my friend Tracey and I are going back to the ranch we rode at this past weekend for some hill work. This ranch is where we are holding the Christmas ride and where Summer and Adriane will be competing. Tracey will also be competing on her Arab mare, Amira. Then Saturday, the ride managers Liz, Alanna and myself will be going back out there to decorate for the ride. Whew, thank goodness this ranch isn't too far from my house. I don't know I could afford the gas if it was too far away.

Anyway, now I am just rambling.

Whoever reads this, have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Tammy and the herd

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