Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Executive decision...time to cut back.

Well, I have made the decision to sell Hank back to the lady I bought him from (she told me if I ever sold him she wanted him back) and give Chompers back to my friend Nancy if she wants him back.

I am tired. I am tired of taking care of so many horses. Hank needs more attention than I can give and Chompers went from running loose on 2 acres of coastal to being penned up and hardly ever getting to run. That is not fair to them. Summer is my girl. She is like having several horses rolled into one. She is a "do it all" horse, so why do I need these other two. Just because they are smaller doesn't make them cheaper. The only two things that make them cheaper than Summer is they eat less and they don't require shoes, other than that, their stall fees are the same as Summer's and the vet bill cost the same as Summer's. I feel bad for doing this but I won't feel bad when it only comes to taking care of Summer. And, I will like have the extra $$ to spend else where.


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Tracey said...

You go girl...hard decision to make but if you feel it is right...then do it.

Summer is a great "do it all" mare.
She even snorkels!