Monday, December 10, 2007

Sadly, one down...

Well, I sold Hank back to his previous owner. I think she was a little glad to get him back. I did a lot of work with him while I had him and he may now be a little more ready for her to drive. He is driveable, but he was high strung and needed more work than she had time for. With these shorter days, I found myself not having enough time for him either. I came to the realization that he is more horse than I want to get in a cart behind (I like them laid back like Summer). He may only be a 44" pony, but pulling a buggy or cart, he has the power of a full sized horse. Most folks don't know that. He is so upset when I come out to feed Summer and Chompers and then I don't feed him, but he will get used to it. It breaks my heart, but I have to do what is best for all.

Chompers is still with me for now. His previous owner is very sick right now, so I am not going to bug her. My friend June wants him real bad. If Nancy agrees, I will give Chompers to June as a Christmas gift. I wouldn't just give my horses to anyone, and if I trust her, I am sure Nancy will. But it is up to Nancy if she wants him back. With June (she is retired and has more time to work with him than I do) he would get out all the time and worked and played with, which is what he needs. He is a little stallion with A LOT of energy.

But to be honest, not having Hank is a little weight lifted off of my shoulders. I need the extra $$ in case Summer gets sick or if any emergency rises. I know I always seem to wait for the worst but I just always want to be ready if it shows its ugly head. Yes, I have seen what "the worst" looks like, it is horribly ugly! (smile) Plus I was having some serious back issues yesterday (I have a bad back) and if I am down to one horse, that is much easier for someone to take care of than if I had three.

Better get back to work,

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