Friday, December 21, 2007

Vet came today...

Well, the diagnosis was good!!!! She checked all her joints, tendons, did flexion tests, hoof tests and I got a good workout this morning by making Summer do all that trotting out and back. The hoof tests is what bothered Summer. Dr. T believes that Summer has deep stone bruises due to her soft soles. She told me to immediately put shoes back on her and start riding her now to keep her stifles in shape. She does have a weak stifle on the left hind and Dr. T said I was doing a good job on keeping it limber. I will be changing her supplements tho to Cosequin, it is more expensive but does not have MSM or Yucca like the ActivEX does.

Anyway, I feel like my prayers were answered on Summer's diagnosis this morning. My vet bill was a whopping 65 bucks. Whew, I was expecting the worse by 300 to 500 dollars. Plus I spent $26 on a canister of powered bute. That stuff is nice to have around if your horse gets hurt.

I also feel blessed to have a vet like Dr. T, she is honest and reasonably priced. She does'nt gouge her prices and dislikes those vets that do. I wish her and her family a blessed holiday season.

Tammy (who is relieved today) and Summer the wonder horse.

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