Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Summer is still limping... : *(

I got to check her good last night and it is still there, that nasty little head nod horse owners don't like seeing.

There is no outward injuries, no heat that I can feel and no heat in her hooves to indicate fever. She is only doing it when lunged in a counter clock wise lunge. I called my vet today, she will be out Friday morning. Thank God I get paid that day. I swear, horses always know when it is your payday. Another thing I am thankful for is, I am doing some part time work for my friend who owns a carriage company this Friday and Saturday night. I am praying that my vet bill won't be too outragious and that extra income will allow me to finish my Christmas shopping. That was what I was hoping to do with my paycheck this weekend, but poop happens. I just pray that it is not something drastically serious with Summer. She is such a good mare and I don't know what I would do if this lameness issue was permanent.


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Tracey said...

Summer will be okay...Dr. T will figure out the problem and then you can get started fixing it!

Summer must have found out you were working extra and had some extra cash...then she bragged to her barn buddies..."watch...I'll take care of that extra cash"!