Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I have a tooth that is in the beginning stages of abscess. No wonder I am in pain! The dentist (who I really liked) put me on antibiotics and vicoden. And now, I have an appointment for my first root canel next Tuesday. I am nervous about that. I have low tolerance for pain, hence the reason I only have one child, "that really hurt!" (smile)

I took one of each pill at 2pm and haven't felt any pain yet. So the vicoden must be working. Thank you Lord for drugs. Now I pray I will feel okay to do my first LD this weekend. If you read this, please keep me in your prayers.


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Tracey said...

Hey, the rules only say the HORSE has to be drug free at the ride...the RIDER can take whatever they want!

Better living through pharmacueticals!

Will keep you in prayer.