Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Summer was for sale last night!

I have been working her and getting her ready for our first LD. Well, last night I was not gonna work her, I was gonna give her a break. I turned her and Hank (the Hackney Pony) out in the big turn out last night and let them run around and play in the cool air. I cleaned their stalls, got her supper and breakfast ready and then went out to the pen to bring them in. I get Hank first, I usually do because I just put him in his pen. I get Summer out second because I usually love on her or get her to do her treat stretches or something for bonding. Well, Hank is trying to come to me and Summer keeps pinning her ears. I finally get Hank's halter on and we walk to the gate. Next thing I know, here comes Summer, she spins around and I am between her and Hank and she is fixing to let him have it with both barrels! It scared the snot out of me. I am screaming her name and yelling at her to stop because we were cornered. Right next to the gate is a side fence, so there was no where for us to go. It was getting dark and she is dark colored and I have poor vision. Needless to say I was in panic mode. She stopped before she let the first blast go and turned her head and looked at me. I took Hank's lead rope off and whacked the hell out of her butt. She took off at a run and I am hot on her heals. Needless to say, her night off became a hard workout.

I hate that jealousy crap! Why do they do that? I don't feed him or love on him. She gets put out first, him second. I clean his stall and put him up. By darn it though, she wants to come in first and that's that. I love her to death but boy can she be a heffer when it comes to me paying attention to other horses!

Well, I have been having a tooth ache for the last month, I am finally going in today. My appointment was for next Tuesday, but this thing kept me awake last night in pain! They will see me today but will charge me an extra $50 for it. But that is okay, anything to stop the pain. I am supposed to do that endurance ride this weekend and I WANT TO DO IT!!! But if the dentist can't stop the pain today, I may not get to.

Well, TTFN

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