Monday, February 25, 2008

She did it!!!

Summer is finally side passing to the right! I was so proud of her yesterday. I got her to side pass without a fence behind her. I even got her to side pass over a log out in the pasture and over a log that was in the barn yard. She is finally getting it. I still have to turn her nose to the left towards my knee and ask with my left foot, but she is doing it. When she passes to the left, we don't have to turn the head. I figure, it won't take her long to "get" what I am asking for and the head turning can stop when going to the right as well.

What a pretty weekend we had. I spent all day Saturday with my daughter at the barn. We did all kinds of chores. Then I took her shopping and out to eat. We went and got hay. Those were some heavy bales too. She and I were trying to unload and stack them and one of the men at my barn came over and finished it for us. Thanks Larry!

Then Sunday, I spent the day out at the barn, cleaning and organizing my carriages, (I have three). David (hubby) came out and worked on my friend's golf cart and worked on my horse trailer some. I need to go get a scraper and some 80 grit sand paper and start getting rid of the rust. Then I saddled up Summer, and we took off out to the trails. Summer was a gaiting fool out there last night. She hit that running walk lick and she was off. It was wonderful! She was really on her game last night. Let's pray that she is that good in two weeks at the Scamper CTR.


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Tracey said...

Way to go Summer! Y'all are gonna kick butt in CTR this year!