Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a weekend...

Well, needless to say, I didn't do my first LD. But I did get a little riding in this weekend. But better than that is, my husband actually went horse trailer shopping with me! I about fell out! My friend's fiance (David B.)is selling his little 2 horse BP. So we went and looked at that and then David (my hubby) wanted to go look at a few others before he wanted to commit. After a day of shopping and getting on the net and looking locally up to 75 miles, he said I could have the trailer (David B) is selling. I have a little 2 horse BP (bumper pull), but mine is a circuit trailer (no tack room or dressing room). This one is a performer. It has an actual tack room/dressing room and it is big enough for me to sleep in when I go camping! I won't have to sleep in my SUV anymore unless I just want to. YIPPY! It does need a little work, but I plan on really fixing it up and it will probably be my trailer for a long time. The little trailer I have now is ugly, but it is functionally sound and gets me where I need to go, and it was free. This little old lady gave it to me because I used to take care of her old TWH gelding. I did have to buy tires and rims for it and have a couple of running lights fixed, but the floor was good and it pulls good. So as soon as I get a few things fixed on my new/used trailer, then Brownie (my old trailer) will be finding a new home. BTW, I know my new/used trailer is old (see picture) it is about a 1984 WW brand but Brownie is a 1972 WW brand. So for me, it is a step up.

On Sunday, Liz, Mary, Kim and I went to the Grasslands for a light and easy ride. No conditioning, just a pleasureable stroll in the woods. It was real nice. I actually felt like riding too as the infection in my tooth is pretty much gone and I am only having some pain now, not excruciating pain like before.
Also, another good thing for me this weekend, during my ride with Liz, I borrowed her Skito pad for Summer. Summer's back is so touchy that it took me forever to get a proper fitting saddle. Now I am looking for a proper fitting pad. I have been using my barn owner's gel saddle pad for the last year or so. It has done me very well. The other day, she finally said she would sell it to me. I have been looking for months for this same pad for me to buy and cannot find one like it anywhere. Anyway, I have also bugged Liz, on and off, to sell me her Skito pad as it is too long for her paint mare Jazz, and Shelby, her TWHxQH, doesn't require a built up pad. This particular Skito is about $200.00. She told me Sunday that another friend of hers wanted to buy it but she told her that she had promised it to me if she ever sold it. Well, bless her, she sold it to me this weekend (of course for less than $200). I kinda guessed she would since it would be for Summer and who do you think I bought Summer from? Yip, Liz. So Summer has a special place in Liz's heart and I know that if Liz has something for sell that will benefit Summer, then she will let me have first shot at it.

As for today, I started my root canal. Everything was great, until I got back to work and the novacain wore off! Thank you Lord for vicodin!!! I go back in two weeks for him to finish the root canal, and make a "mold" for my crown. No, not my tiara, I already have that! (hahaha) I just can't wait for all this to be done. All I can say is, this root canal so far, has not hurt any worse than that abscess did. So I was a big girl at the dentist office today and didn't cry once. (smile)
Well, better quit rambling for now.
Thanks for reading!

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Tracey said...

Love the new trailer...so does this mean you don't want to haul with me...boo hoo..nobody loves me everybody hates me all I want to do is eat worms.

Just kidding...I would have gotten it too if I was you! Now we just gotta get you and Summer to do your first LD...you can do it.