Friday, February 8, 2008

No Freeze R Burn for me...

I just couldn't do it. My tooth, jaw, gums, head, you name it, on the right side of my face, is still hurting. Not as bad as before the dentist. But I am not going to chance on paying money to have fun and ride and then be in pain. I didn't want to be miserable and I didn't want to make my friends weekend miserable by my moaning and whining. There will be another ride. I just need to get this tooth taken care of.

On the plus side, Summer is in the best shape she has been in, in a while. So I need to keep that up for the Girl Scout Scamper CTR in March. Plus I want to do the OK Land Run in March as well. So I figured I will do some good ground work with her for now. She is not real fond of plastic bags, so we will work on that. And side passing to the right has little to be desired. And I need to work on my ground mounting and off side mounting. Other than that, no real obstacle issues for her. As far as the mounting goes, those are my issues, not hers.

It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend here and I really want to get some riding in, even if I need to take some pain meds for my tooth to do it!

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