Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rain, okay....Mud, yucky!!!

I hate mud. Why did we like it as children? We made mud pies and mom would pretend to eat them. Maybe I wouldn't hate it so much if I didn't have a horse. I hate trying to clean her pen, poop mixed with mud is just a pain in the...well, you know.

I groomed Summer night before last and I swear she shed a whole nother horse. Plus she has some pretty bad thrush in her back feet. For those of you that don't know, thrush is a fungus/bacteria type yuck that can make them lame if not caught and medicated.

I did some more plastic bag work with her that same night. When it was over, I had her carry a bag on her surcingle. She did it, but wasn't real happy. She was quivering a little when I asked her to stop moving. You could see that sigh of relief when I took the bag off. I don't know why she is so scared of them. It's not the bag so much, but the crunching noise the bag makes.

If there is not a lot of rain tonight, I may saddle her and do some arena work in the covered arena. I hate it. It is boring. But mentally, I know we both need it. I still need to work her on that side passing to the right. And I need to work on off side mounting.

Better go,

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