Monday, January 26, 2009

David has the flu but I still went riding this weekend

Last Thursday, David had to come home as our septic system was backing up into the shower. He came home and my dad came over with a 35 foot septic snake. Luckily, they fixed it.

Not long after however, David called me and said he wasn't feeling well. Might be coming down with a cold. Friday morning we woke up and he was REALLY sick. So I dug out all kinds of cold medicine and such for him then I went to work. I came home from work and he was sicker than a dog. Amanda and I went to Walgreens and I bought more cold medicines and two boxes of Air-Born. I am making Amanda and I take Air-Born everyday and making David take three doses a day as well. Saturday and Sunday he stayed sick. Sunday though, he was a tiny bit better, but not much. This morning he decided he was going to work. He made it to work and an hour later his body told him it wasn't done being sick. I made him a doctor appointment and he has the flu. Now this is a guy who didn't want to go to the doctor! They gave him antibiotics and sent him home. I am just praying that his stubbornness doesn't make Amanda and I sick. Course I am being a little selfish, I want to go ride this weekend weather permitting, I DO NOT want to be sick.

Saturday was way to cold to do anything outside. At least it was to me. So I stayed in, cleaned house and played nurse maid to David. Sunday I met Liz at the Rocky Creek trails at Benbrook to ride. Mary surprised us by coming as well. After about 5 miles out, Liz went back as Shelby wasn't having a good day. Mary and I continued to the end of the trail and then headed back. We did 16 miles and it was real nice. Summer was a good girl, well, for the exception of a few unnecessary spooks, but nothing I couldn't sit, at least this time. She and I even cantered a bit by ourselves and she was really good. I usually don't canter her by ourselves as she inevitably finds something to spook at, which usually always unseats me. Now, I don't come off the horse, I just usually loose my seat and end up hanging onto her in an odd way. One stirrup lost, one rein dropped and hugging her neck so I don't hit the ground. LOL

Tracey and I may take a couple of our friends to Six-O this weekend. Don't know which day yet and weather permitting. I sure hope the weather cooperates! We shall see...


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