Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New President

President Barack H. Obama. I didn't vote for him. But I do understand the magnitude of the first black president, with some folks correcting me and saying "by-racial" president. Which I think is even more historical. I saw some older black folks on TV last night and they were celebrating and crying. I could almost feel their pride and their joy. They got to see, in their life time what they thought they would never get to see. The trials and tribulations they endured that the younger generations will never know first hand.

My problem with him is, I just still don't agree with some of the company he was associating with. My momma always told me, "you are judged by the company you keep." And then the comment that Michelle made (finally proud to be an American). Finally proud to be an American? Come on Michelle... didn't you go to Princeton and then to Harvard Law? WOW, I wish I could afford to go there, and I am still proud to be an American. Next time girl, just think before you speak.

I do pray for him and pray that he does have the best interest for our country in his heart. I pray that God has His hand on him and his family. I pray that God guides President Obama in the right direction, which ever direction God deems as right.

And on the comment that the Rev. made "White will embrace what is right". Yes, I too was a little offended, but when I stop and think about it, he marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, so he too is one that endured the hatred and brutality of that era. And he too dealt with the sadness when Dr. MLK was assassinated. I am thinking he is speaking of the whites that still violently hate different colors of skin, and just "embrace what it right" which is the love of ALL mankind as God would have it, no matter the color of skin. But that is just my opinion. Maybe he did mean something else. Only he and the Lord knows. But I must believe that he meant what "I" think he meant and not let it eat at me like it is eating at others.

God bless America and keep His hand on us.

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