Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years, wasted a beautiful day, and Mia

New Years: Went to a party with the husband. Had a pretty good time. Drank too much, ate good food, everyone acted like fools, and I kissed David at midnight. Took me a bit the next day to get out of bed, but I was able to go riding with Tracey at the barn. Course we didn't go out until 4pm. (smile) I don't think I could have done any earlier. Fact of the matter was, I wasn't too bad, but Tracey and I went to Wal Mart to buy air soft BB guns for the barn dogs. The owner gave us permission as those stupid dogs will start play fighting behind your horse when you are riding, or run underneath your horse and that crap has to stop, someone is going to get hurt. And if it is me, we might have a doggie homicide at the barn. I will bring my 9mm instead of the BB gun. I like those dogs, but I am not going to get hurt because they are stupid!

This past Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. But about 5:30 pm Friday evening, my body decided it was time to invite Mr. Virus in. You know? Mr. Stomach Virus. I am much better today, but spent most of the day Saturday in bed or in my chair in the living room. I was so upset. Almost everyone I knew was out enjoying the weather. Well, my daughter stayed home with me and David spent most of the day at home with me. He only had to leave to work on a friend's car for about an hour.

Mia is still doing the same. If I could weigh her, I would say she has probably gained a little more weight. She is as trained as the dogs now though. When my alarm goes off, she is right by her food and water dish, waiting on her morning bowl of tuna. I have to give her that to get her pill in her, but it is working, so I do not mind.


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