Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Day with my family

Yesterday was an ice day for us. We Texans ain't used to that slick stuff. You northerns can keep it! LOL Not really. I enjoyed it. David, Amanda and I kicked back, watched TV and enjoyed the fireplace. Amanda and I even got some reading done on our Twilight books. I am on book one and she is on book three.

It was very nice just to kick back and chill. We don't do much of that on weekends. David with his cars, Amanda with her friends or homework and me with my horsey friends. I say ice days and rainy days are God's way of making a family hang out together once in a while.

We did venture out about 5:20pm. Amanda and I went to feed Summer, get gas, and then picked up some Mexican food for dinner. David ventured out too. He fueled his truck and picked up some more fire wood.

I really enjoyed my family ice day.

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