Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update on Mia, NATRC 2008, and stuff...

Well, Mia is starting to act a little icky again. Must be time for another cortizone shot. Night before last she was able to get the little boot off of her foot. I felt so sorry for her that I let her go without it for that night and yesterday. When David got home, she had scratched that large scab off of the side if her cheek/face. It wasn't as bad as you would have thought though. So I let her go without the boot until about 8:30pm last night. What is odd is that she won't walk on her foot. She hops around three legged. But I check her foot and she can splay her toes and and bend her foot, she just doesn't want to walk on it and gets upset if you touch it. Anyway, I rewrapped it last night, finished getting the scab off her face, cleaned her up with the solution the doctor gave me and sprayed the cortizone spray on her. She did real good. She did eat some treats last night and I can tell she ate some hard food last night as well. But I just think it is time for another shot.

On NATRC, our mini convention is the first weekend of next month and I am a little excited. I am going to be staying with Kate and Becky, and I know I will have fun. Those two are a hoot! If you have been keeping up with my posts then you might know that awhile back I posted that I had calculated the year end points and it looked like Summer and I was going to tie in second place in the team awards with George and his horse Beau, well we did!!!!! In the individual placings, Beau came in second and Summer came in third and in horsemanship, I came in second and George came in third, but our points combined were the same which tied us. Plus Summer got Novice/CP High Point Tennessee Walker. So we will be bringing home 4 awards. I know that it is not as good as some folks accomplishments, but I am real proud of us, and that is all that matters.

I am taking tomorrow off as a vacation day. I was going to go to the Texas Trail Challenge at Parrie Haynes but other financial obligations came up so I am not going. On a good note though, tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful, so I am going to go to the post office in the morning, go to the DMV, then head out and go work the trails most of the day. I am excited because I enjoy working and marking trails at the barn. I like doing it alone because it gives me some reflection time and time to spend alone with Summer, which makes for good bonding time. With all the foliage in hybernation right now, you can really see the horse trails, so I want to take those and make them into riding trails. I hope all turns out like I plan, with the fuel prices back on the rise and the economy sinking, riding in the pasture may be all that we can afford in the near future, you just never know.

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