Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Very nice weekend with horses, family and friend

Friday, I took a vacation day. I was going to go to the Rocky Road TTC, but other financial obligations came about and I stayed home. But that was okay, I got a couple of new trails at the barn cut and marked. Summer was really good about ground tying when I was cutting trail on foot and real good about finishing the trail off her back. Course she is usually a pretty good trail working horse. However, coming back into the barnyard, the wind was blowing and she is was in heat so she gave me a little fit but nothing that was too dangerous, just not acting her normal self.

Saturday, my mom came over and she, Amanda and I went shopping and out to eat. It was real nice. I don't think she has ever come over without dad and it has been a while since just us three girls spent the day together. After she went home, Amanda and I went to the barn and cleaned up trash off the trails for about an hour and a half.

Sunday, Summer and I met Liz and her horse Shelby out at Benbrook and we rode about 4 hours. It was a wonderful day. The horses did great, Liz's pain has really subsided since she had her hip surgery. We haven't ridden together, just she and I, in a very long time. It was nice just getting to visit and really catch up on stuff. Shelby and Summer pace real well. Summer is usually not the type of horse that cares if she is in front or in back, which is great for Shelby as she likes to take the lead and not let anyone pass her. But even she did good when Liz put her behind Summer for a bit. She didn't get upset like she might normally do. So that gave Liz a good ride without a big ol' arguement with Shelby. Could be though, because they are half sisters and were raised in a pasture together as youngin's. Who knows. I just know it was a real nice day of riding and I am glad it started and ended well.

Here is a pic of Summer (right) and Shelby (left):

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