Monday, January 28, 2008

At least we had a nice weekend...

For having such a sad week, the Lord did bless me with a beautiful weekend. I hope he did the same for others.

Saturday, I rode Summer for about 3 hours. Now I only did about 8miles on her, but for about 1 of those hours, she and I did some trail work in the pasture. I like doing this because it makes her mind work and pay attention to me when I am cutting limbs from a tree and drop them on the ground, she just stands there. What a good girl she is. I know, I know, I say it too much. But I gotta brag about something! (smile)

We came back in, unsaddled and let her out for a bit. Then I talked to the new boarder for a bit and told him if he ever wanted me to take him out and show him the trails I would. He wanted to go right then. So poor Summer got tacked back up and out for another little 2mile round. So she wasn't too mad at me.

Sunday, Tracey and I tacked up and went out. The wind was blowing so Summer and Amira were "up" and a little spooky. But once we got out to the pasture, they settled real quick and were good. We rode almost every trail and even the new one I keep forgetting about, so we did about 5 miles. Then we got back in, untacked and she, June and I headed to Sergeants. Of course I spent too much, as did Tracey. June walked out with only spending $10.00. Then we went out to eat and Tracey treated. It was a very nice day, too bad it was so short.

Update on my cyber friends, Katie's hubby and her dog seem to be doing good after their surgeries. Thank you Lord.
Raylin sent me a beautiful e-card, and I know through her faith in God, her heart is slowly healing. Thank you Lord.

Thought for the day:
With God, every day matters, every person counts.
And that includes you.

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