Monday, January 7, 2008

Warm weekend

Had a nice weekend. Too short as usual.

I had shoes put on Summer this Saturday. Even the farrier noticed she has gained weight. So both of us need to cut back. When I rode her yesterday, I had to lower her girth on the off side by about 2 inches. Yes, she has gotten a little pudgy on her time off. Plus she forged a little yesterday when I rode her, which means she is out of shape. Slowly but surely we will both get in shape though.

I pulled myself from both of the March CTRs. With gas prices the way they are going, I just am not sure if I will make them. If I can go, I will enter at the last minute, I am sure they won't mind. Wall Street predicts that gas could go to $200 a barrel by the end of this year. Of course that is a long shot, but long shots come in too sometime. No body will be doing any CTRs if that is the case. Could you imagine gas at $6.00 a gallon for regular unleaded. No way.

June, Ron and I went to Sergeant's Western Wear and I only spent $12.00. I was so proud of me, but I think I am finally tired of having too much stuff for one horse. I swear, Summer has about 10 halters and lead ropes. It is time to stop and start spending that money other places.

Well, I am rambling now,


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