Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No Iraq for David

We had the talk last night. He will not be going. I need him here and so does our daughter. I couldn't imagine what I would do if something happen to her and he was in another country. Even our daughter told him no. No amount of money is worth him not being here with us. He was okay with it. If we are not happy now with what we have, more money is not going to fix that, it may just make it worse.

I took Summer out last night and gave her a good lunging workout. Now that she is more fit, she has a lot of "go" in her. It was no problem to get her to go 20 times each way in the round pen at a trot. I used to have to really get after her to go that much, now, she just goes. We did some backing up a slight incline in hand last night 5 times to strengthen her stifle and we did our carrot stretches and leg stretches. If we are going to do an LD, we both need to be ready. That is why I am climbing the stairs in our building, to get fit.


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