Friday, January 25, 2008

Such a sad week...

A cyber friend lost her gorgeous TWH stallion named Merlin. Had she lived closer, Summer would have been in foal to him. He was a coal black stud with multi talents of arena showing, barrel racing, etc...he was something. Then, her husband had to have surgery for his appendix and her dog is going in for surgery too. This sweet lady could use prayers from anyone who reads this.

Then another cyber friend of mine lost her father last night. So sad. There is a story to her and her father, but I won't go into it. Just know, he made his peace with her last week, as I am sure she made her's with him. Also, few days ago, a mare she had in foal to her stallion, aborted the baby. The colt had a birth defect, so the mare knew what she was doing. But it is still such a sad loss. Please say prayers for her too.

Both of these ladies are very sweet and special people. I know they will look to God for strength.

Then my mother called me this morning. My uncle passed away last night. He had bone cancer that could not be stopped. So I send prayers to his children and grandchildren. He was my great-uncle. I was not real close to him as he lived in Lubbock, but I do have good memories of him from when I was a child. He was always kind to me. He was a tall and distingushed man. He liked his pipe and always seemed to be dressed like Ward Cleaver. I don't ever remember him being dressed down.

May he and Raylin's father, rest in peace now. Your battles with sickness are over. I know there is a big, black, beautiful stallion who will gladly carry you to your Father in Heaven.

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