Monday, June 9, 2008

Had a nice weekend...

Despite having a sick pooch at home, I did have a nice weekend at the barn.

Tracey, Wes (her son) and I, worked on the trails all last weekend, cutting, trimming, clearing and marking. Then Saturday, Traci, June, Amanda and I took back a trail that hadn't been used in about three years.

Sunday morning, the barn owners brother in law mowed all the trails. It was wonderful. All the trails were ready for company.

About 11am, Mark and Melinda showed up with their ponies and they brought some friends of theirs and they brought their ponies. All the boarders showed up and they brought friends who also brought their mounts. So it was wonderful. We had all kinds of food and drinks.

At about 1pm we saddled up and went out. It was Kelsie, Tracey, Larry, Mark, Melinda and their two friends and I. We rode about 1 1/2 hours in the sweltering heat. Course Mark decided he was going to sneak up on me, pass me at a trot and then take off. Woohoo, what a gallop. Larry stayed with us and Tracey took the other folks to another trail. I love galloping Summer but don't do it very often. She just feeds off of Gypsy and does great when following her. She has dropped some of that hay belly she put on so didn't show any signs of stress when we got back to the barn.

When we got back we ate and visited. Then about 5:30 went out again with several other folks. Dennis, Deborah, a couple they know who brought these two BIG black Tennessee Walkers (absolutely gorgeous!),Dennis Jr. , Kelsie, Tracey, Mark and Mel, their friends and Barb (the barn owner) on her green but VERY capable mount and June on her very steady, bomb proof mount. No galloping this time, just a nice ride.

I got to play trail boss on both rides, which was okay cause I know the trails pretty well and was able to give everyone a nice tour and not keep hitting the same trails or retracing them to much. When you hit all the trails, you get about 5 miles or a little better.

During the second ride though, I felt kinda bad as all the gaited horses, Amira (Tracey's Arab) and Kelsie's barrel horse were just walking out and leaving the other behind. Mark's Gypsy could have kept up but he couldn't leave his company, which got seperated from the group anyway when they took a wrong turn. Thank goodness for cell phones as Mark and Mel had to go find them. Barb and June walked the slowest and stayed together. Which was great. Barb's green mare needed a reliable horse to ride with and that would be June's girl, Gazmarra.

But it was a great day. I hope to do it again real soon. Which may be 4th of July as Mark and Mel invited us to go horse camping that weekend. So far, it sounds like a plan, as even David would go if Mark will be there.

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