Friday, June 6, 2008

Libby update...

The vet called yesterday evening. They are not 100%sure that it is Pancreatitis yet. There is an illness called Pyometra that only intact females can get. The symptoms are exactly the same and the reading on the blood work can look the same. They should know today what they are dealing with. I pray that it is the Pyometra as all she would need is an emergency spay. Pyometra is a one time thing, fix her and it is over. If is is Pancreatitis, then I would have to make sure she never got a bite of human food for the rest of her life.

Dr. Ozee said that she and all the staff are in love with Libby. She just went on and on about how sweet she was and that she was soooo loving. I have admit, she is right. That dog of mine is just the sweetest thing. And she was real happy that Libby took some food. They fed her some perscription dog food. I was happy to hear that as she hadn't eaten in 36 hours. Of course if it is the Pancreas, then she was to fast for 24 to 72 hours anyway, at the vets descretion.

Please keep praying for her and that it is the lesser of two evils, Pyometra.
The pic above should be titled: A face only a mother could love.
And boy do I!

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Tracey said...

What a sweet little girl she is. Bring her out to the barn so we can spoil her there too...and I promise we will NOT feed her.

I will however allow her to sit where ever she wants and be the queen she is.