Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Libby day 6...

Libby at 1 month old

Well, the vet told me yesterday to watch Libby go potty #1 and #2. So I had my daughter lock her in the house yesterday at about 11am and let her out at 3pm. Amanda called at 3:10 and said Libby #1ed and it lasted about 7 seconds. So last night I let her out about 6:15 again and she #1ed for 10seconds. I know, weird to watch your animal do it's business. At about 9:30 she #2ed and it was the right consistancy and moist. So that was good. If it was diarrhea then the vet would worry more about the Pancreas than the girlie problems.

I am also tricking her into drinking still. I put about 3/4 cup of water in her food and she lapped it up and then we played a game last night with her kibble. I put about 7 pieces of kibble in a bowl of water and she had to play bobbing for kibble to get them. So she got another 1/2 cup in her system.

The vet said that due to the moist food she is eating, plus I am tricking her into drinking, she may not drink on her own until she is switched back to dry food. Plus she is an indoor dog and not in the TX heat all day, she isn't as thirsty.

Her spay appointment is still on for Friday, I just can't wait to get that over with.

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