Monday, June 9, 2008

Libby update...

She got to come home Friday evening. She looked real good and seemed like her old self. However, she has not drank any liquids this weekend. I bought some Pedialite Sunday morning and she drank a little of it. I figured it would get some electrolites in her. So when I fed her I put about 1/4 cup of pedialite and 1/2 cup of water in her prescribed can food the vet sent home with her. She is eating real good and has not thrown up. But I have not been monitoring her pottying. So we need to start doing that. I just talked to Doctor Ozee and she wants me to monitor that tonight and if she has very loose stool and not urinating, I need to take her in for another CBC test for her Pancreas. She says she might not be drinking due to the canned food she is getting, I need to start switching her back over to her food. She is taking her medication good, and she is getting spayed this Friday. So, after this surgery, if she is still not doing well, it is her Pancreas. I have read so much on the Pancreas that it scares me. I am still praying that it is the girlie problems.

I hated saying it to Dr. Ozee, but I don't know how much more money I can spend on her. But we will try to do all our pocket book will allow. I hate doing it, but I would even go to my dad for help. I love this ugly mug and just can't let her go yet.

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