Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where to begin...

1. Libby had her surgery on Friday and came home Friday night very groggy. But good news on Saturday, she was drinking on her own, FINALLY! I was so happy. For the past week I had been tricking her into getting fluids in her. But now she is showing odd behavior. She has gathered up all her toys on her bed, even the ones that were outside. If you move them all to a different location, she will go get them and put them back on her bed. A couple of friends of mine said she is "nesting". WHAT?!? Now she is lactating! She is going through a false pregnancy! Poor baby, her hormones are all messed up now. I was told that all should clear up in about two weeks. But I will be calling the vet just to make sure all is okay.

2. I worked the AHA Region 9 show again on Friday after I dropped Libby off at the vet that morning. June and I worked the Working Cow Horse class for 2 1/2 hours. We worked the calf gates. That was fun and exciting! We worked with Carrie, who raises Arabians, and a man named Dale. Dale was a little more than nervous that all his "Cow pokes" were females, and two of whom have never worked cattle, me and June. (Carrie and her hubby have a working cattle ranch). Anyway, once we got our jobs down, we were a well oiled machine. Dale was teased by other cowboys because he had a female crew, but we showed them that women make good cow pokes too, and we have been invited back to work the same gates at next years show cause we got so many compliments! (above pic is an example)

3. Saturday was a nice, laid back day. Barb (barn owner) and I went for a morning ride in the pasture. I took Amanda shopping for her Father's day gift for David. She got him a new tool box. Then we went home and just hung out for the remainder of the day.

4. Father's day was horrible for me. That's all I have to say about that day.

5. Monday and Tuesday night I went riding by myself. Okay, not by myself, sort of. Bo and Luke went with me. They are the barn dogs and Summer is getting real used to them being with us. She actually looks for them when they get out of her sight. Monday night I did something some might consider a bad thing. But if you know me well enough, you would know that I had to do it. I saved a baby skunk from Bo and Luke. I know, I know..."he might have been rabid, you should have let them take care of him." But you should have seen it, he was SO cute! And so little. I am sure he had wandered away from his nest. Luckily, we never saw momma, I would still be stinking had we seen her.

Last night was a good ride as well. It was only 81 degrees, the wind was blowing some and there was some cloud coverage and even a little sunshine rain. It was very nice, and no skunks.


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