Thursday, June 5, 2008

My poor, sick Libby...

I got home last night about 5:30 from work. Libby's (my Bulldog) lips and gums were grayish white and dry. I knew she was dehydrated. However, she had water, but she is very picky. If there is even dust in it, she won't drink it. So I freshened her water and put a couple of ice cubes in it. She started to drink, but wasn't guzzling, so I wasn't too worried. Now, she is a indoor/outdoor dog, she has a doggie door so I was pretty sure it wasn't heat exhaustion. Oh, and she didn't eat her dinner, which was unusual, but not unheard of.

I got home from the barn about 9:30 and saw her water bowl that she had drank about a half a bowl, which I was happy about, but she still hadn't eaten her dinner. Now I was getting more worried. But when she threw up her breakfast and almost all the water she drank, I couldn't wait till this morning to take her to the vet. I called a couple of ER's and took her to the one my vet recommended cause they are right across the street from him.

My fear was an impaction or bloat. After $400 in x-rays and blood work, no impaction or bloat but she had gas all in her intestins and stomache, but she wasn't passing any gas. After the blood work came back, her white blood count was high as well as another level that indicated a Pancreas problem. I do not give my dogs the kind or the amount of table scraps that it would take to cause Pancreatitus (sp?). She may get a raw egg every other week or a half a french fry if we have them just so she thinks she actually got something. I pray that someone is not throwing food in the back yard when we aren't home. If they are, I pray I catch them!!!! And then they will pray that I don't beat them to death!!!!

I had to pick her up this morning and take her to her regular vet who it turn kept her today and wants to keep her tonight. More $$ but not as much as that ER cost us which ended up being over $700.00, so no Cass Co CTR for me. But I am totally okay with that, I just want my girl to get better.

Oh, and the X-rays shows she has hip displasia!!! Glad I decided not to breed her as that would pass to her pups!!!

Please keep my girl in your prayers that she makes a full recovery.

The above picture is this morning after I picked her up from the ER and we are headed to her vet. She looks so sad. The purple bandage is where her cathater (sp?) is so they can continue fluids at her vets office.

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