Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Update on everything...Mom, Granny, Libby...

1. Friday was my mom's birthday. If you remember, my Granny passed away in March, my mom's mom. Also remember that Granny and mom share the same birthday. So this was going to be a hard day for her, the first birthday without Granny.

On Thursday, at the last minute, I asked my Sergeant if I could have Friday off and they approved. I got Amanda up and ready and we headed to mom and dad's. Dad and I have been having problems and I knew it would be good to let them go on this day. Well, we got there and rang the door bell, both mom and dad started crying. Mom was holding two Mylar "happy birthday" balloons and some flowers. We walked in and all started hugging and crying. Dad told me he didn't want to fight anymore and neither do I. After we settled down, mom told me they were going to the park to release one of the balloons for Granny. I told her that sounded good. Then I told her we needed to hurry tho cause we were going to Oklahoma and do a turn around. It is a 3 1/2 hour drive there. She had a somewhat shocked look on her face. I told her that since she didn't want me to get her anything for this birthday, that my gift was to take her to OK and put flowers on Granny's grave and to get to see the head stone she hasn't got to see yet. More tears. Amanda and I thought she wouldn't go, my mom is not a spontaneous person, so we were shocked she said okay. Had she said no, we were going to trick her into "going to the store with us", then just take off to OK. We are a sneaky bunch.

We got there about 1pm and my Aunt Doris (Granny's sister) had made a wonderful lunch. We ate, went and got flowers and headed to the cemetery. It is an old country cemetery, very quiet and serene. Once we visited, placed beautiful red, artificial roses on Granny's grave, and replaced all the flowers on the other family headstones, and cleaned up some others, we headed back to Aunt Doris'. About 5:30 we headed back for home, another 3 1/2 drive. Mom was so happy and sad at the same time. I told her I was glad she had a good birthday and that I couldn't call it happy because Granny wasn't here, and she told me it was a happy birthday for her. Course I couldn't cry when she said that cause I was driving. (smile)

Mom just couldn't believe I was doing this and that she went along with it. But I just couldn't see her not getting to visit Granny on the first birthday of her being gone. It wasn't really closure, but it had to be done. Mom had to go visit. I guess I can't explain it, but I am sure those who read this will understand.

2. Libby is all better! Took her to the vet yesterday after work and had her stitches out and the doctor gave her an all clear and she is all better. I was so happy. It was Pyometra and due to her uterus being enlarged when they removed it, some of her hormones escaped into her blood stream and that is what is causing her false pregnancy. She is doing better on that too. She isn't nesting as much anymore and she has stopped dripping milk. Her boobs are still a little enlarged, but it is starting to pass.


The Lord who created you... says... I have called you by name; you are mine.
Isaiah 43:1

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