Monday, June 2, 2008

My "Dub" roadcart...

For the past several weekends, this one excluded, I have been working on refurbishing a roadcart I bought. It belonged to an old man by the name of "Dub" Miller. Mr. Miller was just a very sweet person and he knew his stuff about horses and especially about Crabbet Arabians. He passed away in November of 2006. Last year I bought his old roadcart and have now just started to re-do it.

It was blonde, I have had it stripped and have re-varnished it a red mahogany. I am now putting polyurithan on it. Once that is done, I will have to cut off the shaft tips and put on shaft extensions that I have also repainted. Then the seat needs to be redone. If my barn owner can't find the back to it, I will be building one of those too.

If you knew Mr. Miller, you would know why I couldn't just let this cart go to anyone. When he passed away, my Crabbet Arabian passed away a week later. That was a blow to me, but I wonder if Fawtal knew that Mr. Miller needed a ride to heaven, so he obliged.

Anyway, here are a few pics of where the cart is now. FYI, it had rained about two nights prior to the pictures and some rain/mud splattered it here and there, but nothing that couldn't be wiped off. That is what you see in the pics.

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